Education is basic to life. It is inescapable.   Formal paths for education go through schools and colleges and other institutional arrangements. But no provision is perfect. There is always room for improvement. Every elder will tell you that as much education goes on in all the other nooks of life as in the classroom. We also know that things don’t stand still. Therefore, we expect that the mission of education will make its way forward and find new expressions in our changing world.

Which way do we go? A thousand experiments are needed.

Apprenticetown is a clearinghouse – a place to tell of those experiments.  We give attention to first-person accounts of things attempted and accomplished.

Here is the way I see it: I live in a mountain town in the south east. My county is smaller than average, having an area of 381 square miles, half of which is national forest.   When I think of the population of the whole nation, 350 million people, and of all the problems before our nation, the trouble overwhelms. But I realize that my county, at 33,000 people, faces only 1 ten-thousandth of those problems. Now, that is something I can do something about. The question for me is, “What needs to be tried here and who can try it?”

Apprenticetown also makes some suggestions about the way to organize people to deliver work and deliver education. We commission experiments along the lines of our ideas and we tell about the results.

We see a future where more people can get an excellent education in a given field including a good business understanding and with strong connections to local mentors, all while being productively employed. There will be such learning opportunities in more fields than are available today.

There are 3,143 counties in the United States. Populations average 100,000 per county and the median land area is 622 square miles. The drive from edge to center is typically 14 miles. Look up the actual numbers for your county.

What problems of work and education need to be addressed where you are? Who near you has a creative solution that needs to be tried? Who can help you?  Find them!

Let’s share the ideas and share the results.