We Are In the Driver’s Seat.

Let us see ourselves as in the driver’s seats.  We can see and steer.

We can organize apprenticeships in our towns.  We need to. The need will only grow.

We can call forth the people we need.  We do not have to be the experts. We are surrounded by talent.  Creative people are already making tools that we can use.  Schools can adapt.  Teachers can offer services.

Our towns need jobs for young people. They need to work and learn. Who can employ them? Who will offer business courses and business mentoring? Who can offer the technical education?  Some to assemble the course material.  Some to deliver the face-to-face mentoring.

And to teach the way we live, who can provide the reading list and host the discussion groups?

Think of Apprenticetown as a collection of 3,143 cooperatives – there are 3,143 counties in the United States. May there be that many mutual aid societies to carry out this work.  Surely there are resources already at hand to create apprenticeships for a dozen of young people in each one of our counties. That’s a start.  What needs to be done and who can do it?